about time!

OoOoOooOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOowee! I have been so busy! working like a maniac and going to extra classes and renewing every license I own. I think I’m down to the final thing, license plate! I have the rest of tonight (extra hour included!) and all day tomorrow to relax! Finally a whole day with NOTHING planned!
It’s been non-stop since my birthday!

I went to Madonna! (who was crazy and I won’t be going again!)
Fell in love with Martin Solveig…

such good beats…
visited my amazing family in the Midwest! there is a really cute baby there!

worked my booty off!

This was my “sexy nurse” look hahahah!
I’ve been lurking this pants pattern!

all sewed up they look like this…

and ignoring an ever growing mountain of laundry.
Not to mention Girls on the Run, which is a post of its own sometime…
Oh yea! and I’ve been living in new York, season 3 White collar. and I’ve probably looked at this picture at least 75 times…

OK, soooooo looking forward to relaxing with a cup of tea and Cracklin’ Rosie Pandora!
look for some craftsys tomo! xoxoxo


6 thoughts on “about time!

  1. oww oww that picture! haha for both the sexy nurse and the fellows =]
    hope your time of relaxing was great! I am about to start a whirlwind of a week, things can’t be more crazy for me right now oyeee!

  2. I love it! I like all the pictures 🙂 and those pants…look so comfy!
    P.s. love cracklin Rosie & tea! Wish I could come join you!

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