November A Time For Thanks 1!

Hello all! Happy November πŸ™‚ holy smokes I can not believe that it’s already here, this year is cruising! So I’ve decided to do a post each day (if I remember) on something I’m thankful for…you know to gear up for Thanksgiving and really appreciate the season! So from now on I’ll title it NATFT# for (November a time for thanks and then the day) so if these gets boring or sappy-feel free to skip ’em!

Ahem-Day 1: I am thankful for this…

Ok…not this skeleton, but my own, personal skeleton. I’m thankful for my healthy( for the most part πŸ˜‰ )full functioning body.

Lately, at work, I’ve been working with people who have such a difficult time walking, standing, lifting their arms, and basically moving in general. It really makes me appreciate that I can walk and move and be mobile without pain. How lucky is that?!

I mean I can hike to places like this…


And I can see it too! With a little help from my glasses, but still. I often take my everyday movements for granted and my senses…they’re always there, but I barely ever think twice about them. However, I am extremely grateful for them and all that I can do and enjoy through them πŸ™‚ like see this…

20121101-162608.jpg (sorry its sideways)
And listen to a concert while enjoying city views…

And do this with my lovely husband πŸ™‚

20121101-162838.jpg (sorry Kristin, that might be your hat…I found it at mom and dad’s)

So all in all… I’m so very thankful to have a healthy body, which gives me the ability to enjoy so many wonderful things around me πŸ™‚ happy early thanksgiving!

anyone want to join me on this? What are you thankful for?


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