A to-do list

Do you guys ever write up a to-do list and then all the sudden it is out of control and you have a million things to do? That is about where I am at today, buried under articles and book chapters to read, studying to do for exams, grocery shopping and rent, at least i clean the commissioner’s fish tank yesterday, cross that off haha.

Sometimes I feel like life is moving at warp speed, and other times it is just another lazy sunday good for a leisurely drive =]

top of the list for me today is read through things for class tomorrow, i think i might do that out at the pool. it is 80 degrees today (i should pick up some candy too hahah!) can’t believe this weather, the deep south is pretty weird.

I’ve been trying to sort out classes for next term, but there is some sort of hold on me from the admissions office that won’t let me add classes. I am going to be taking a summer class which means you can all plan trips down for the hottest months of the year to visit me cause i will definitely be here =]

biggest football game of the entire year is this weekend! people are already parking their campers on campus, and tailgating starts tomorrow for dinner! I have an exam on monday so I should likely do some studying before then…. hope we win the game! wahhh!!



2 thoughts on “A to-do list

  1. Yes! I need to make more lists actually because I always forget things I was suppose to do…whoops! Or I’ll make a list but every other thing will be totally bogus list material. That way when I take a shower, get the mail, do a sudoku, eat some chocolate I have easy things to cross off and feel productive 😉

  2. You guys are totally Mom! 😉 lists with a few fun things! Ok Beth no you aren’t mom. You’re probably smashed right now! How’s the tailgating?!? And yes, I have a giant to do list too! First item! Post blog! Look for it soon!!!

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