Tis the Season…


Happy Halloween!

Some of you guys may know that Halloween is by far one of my least favorite holidays. I don’t like spending money for costumes and I definitely don’t like being scared. The only thing it has going for it is the candy…lots of candy!

I’m kind of a wuss anyway and scared of pretty much everything, so a day to celebrate all things spooky is not my style. But…you can bet that if I have an excuse to wear comfy clothes or jeans to work and not get in trouble, I’m gonna jump on it!

So I went to work in a onesie and robe 🙂 tis the season to be warm and comfortable!! And when asked what I was, my response was “tired!” I think it was fitting for my current state 😉


Did anyone else get to dress up?! What did you decide to be?!! And what’s your favorite costume of all time?


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