oh hey!

Happy Halloween from the deep south! I am about to head out to a halloween party, dressed as my friend Dina! haha I learned quite a few things today. I am very very low maintenance, I have only worn lipstick about 4 times total and today counts as three of the times. I don’t know how to put on eye make-up at all.

I have heard that I have nice legs, that this is a good look for me and that I look intimidating even from the back. The oddest thing was all the people doing double takes. Complete strangers. It was odd in that I have never felt like strangers were judgmental  of me before, and this is what Dina wear’s every day so why should it be any different?

Anyways =] it was fun being her, scared a lot of our friends haha. She went as me and wore my apple sweater and power rangers tshirt, chucks and fake thick glasses.


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