An interesting but not unexpected turn of events

so I just got home from the Halloween party, it was fun! and actually we played just dance 2 haha was thinking about you guys for that haha

but one of my friends told me right before i was pulling on Dina’s boots that she overheard my roommate talking in her class today about me, and how she doesn’t like living with me…

not unexpected considering how cold, distant, rude, and indifferent she has been towards me for weeks, but still sad some. I think she is one of the few people that actually doesn’t like me in this world. and i still will live with her for 10 more months…. Christmas break cannot come soon enough.

ps at least i didn’t cry to hear the news i have failed to make a friend, i think it would hurt considering how much eye make-up i have on today haha



6 thoughts on “An interesting but not unexpected turn of events

  1. hahaha haa oh my goodness =]
    I put up a few pictures on the halloween post =] mostly of just my face. later i will add some more haha
    oww oww sexy nurse!
    I think I might talk with her next week about living together, see if we can’t work out whatever issue it is she has with me before too long
    though rent is due today- so time bombs might explode…

  2. Definitely she is the one missing out! If she actually gave you a shot she could be having the most fun year of all! It doesn’t sound like she’s tried at all to be communicative or even civil really…which is too bad because she is missing out on knowing one awesome lady! At least you have found some other awesome people down there to hang out with…they sound like a blast! If I could put up with the Louisiana heat I’d live with you 🙂

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