Finally Did It!

Hey seeeeesters!!

As you have more than guessed by now, I finally did it! We, the Fearsome 5, now have our very own blog 🙂 I’ve been fiddling with this stuff for awhile now and decided to just settle on the stuff for backgrounds…and I don’t have a better picture of us all-so if you guys are feeling creative and want to run with it…by all means!

So, from now on expect random posts from me 🙂 can’t wait to keep you all up to date on what we’re up to in the MidWest and looking forward to hearing more from your own nooks and cranny’s! I’m still figuring this whole thing out me! haha okey dokey-more to come, much more to come!



3 thoughts on “Finally Did It!

  1. hey sista soul sista! better picture? i LOVE that picture up there! I’ll have you know today was a gorgeous day in the PNW … poor East Coast tho. But here it was gorgeous and sunny and I went to the market and got me some raspberry honey… Mmmmmm

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